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Yes there IS glass on this pinball machine!

Welcome to  Home of Bob's Ultimate Pinball Glass.
If you are looking to improve the look of your pinball machine or collection of machines you have come to the right place! 
Standard pinball glass is full of glare and green color and is only 3/16 thick.  Bob's Ultimate Pinball Glass is clear glass that is made without the green color!.  This gives you a much clearer view of your pinball playfield! The difference is truely amazing.  My favorite thing is the "white clarity" of this glass reacting with the "white light" of LED lights.  There is a definate enhancement.  There is also a noticeable reduction in glare! Bob's Ultimate Pinball Glass is tempered for strength and safety, has beveled edges and is 1/4" thick for improved noise reduction, strength and appearance.  This is the next step in pinball restoration and modification. 


Side by side comparison of the edge color.
Bob's Ultimate on the right, standard glass on the left. Bob's is clearer and thicker!

I am happy that I can contribute to the improvement of something as awesome as pinball.  As you can see by these edge pictures, Bob's Ultimate Pinball Glass is thicker and much clearer.  Almost like fine crystal!  The Standard Glass edge is so dark because of all the green. Not good! We also can create custom orders; call or email and let us know what you want.  Also, please remember that standard pinball glass is available at low prices and can be shipped directly to you!  No more dealing with that local glass company!  Not to mention your time and travel!
We look forward to doing business with you.

All types of pinball glass are available at low prices! Please procede to the "Shop Online" page to view our catalog of different types of Pinball Glass!  Please note that if the glass you are looking for is not listed in the catalog you can most likely still buy it here!  Custom sizes are available and soon I will list more in the catalog. We accept the following credit cards:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Which one do you like better?
Bob's Ultimate is on the left; Standard glass is on the right

Bob's Ultimate Pinball Glass
Thicker, clearer, and beveled!